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Prematurex 1 Month Supply Delay premature Ejaculation Pills Premature X By Prematurex

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1 Month Supply

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PrematureX: How it Works

PrematureX is an innovative, cutting edge formula that is derived from a number of naturally occurring ingredients, each of which has unique properties that contribute to help users stop premature ejaculation. Although each ingredient has beneficial properties on its own, when combined in this customized treatment, men will see the most powerful, fast-acting results as compared to any other product available.

Each of the ingredients used in PrematureX has been scientifically proven to have benefits for sexual performance and functioning, from increased blood flow to the ability to raise levels of testosterone and decrease anxiety.

Ingredients such as Blue Passion Flower and Griffonia Seed Extract provide a man with the ability to handle anxiety and sensitivity associated with sexual intercourse, while simultaneously increasing stamina, blood flow and vitality.

Vitamin B6 has also been proven to promote higher levels of stamina. Folic acid supplements have been sold as a stand alone remedy for premature ejaculation, also included in the PrematureX supplement.

L-Arginine naturally increases the levels of nitric oxide in your system, leading to stronger erections and increased blood flow. Pyrodoxine is proven to ward off the symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression, which often contributes to premature ejaculation. Chrysin plays an essential role in the production of testosterone resulting in increased staying power.

These are just a few components used in PrematureX, click here for a full ingredients list of the PrematureX formula and how every carefully chosen ingredient works in tandem to help stop premature ejaculation.

Recommended Use

PrematureX can be used either as a long-term treatment solution, or as a quick-fix, depending on your unique needs. Due to the potency of the ingredients used in PrematureX, it is a fast-acting remedy for premature ejaculation, but because every person is different, usage patterns may vary.

Using PrematureX as a Treatment

When used as a treatment, PrematureX should be used once daily, allowing the ingredients to build-up in your system, to maintain long-lasting results. After a user feels confident he has reached his desired results and increased his sexual stamina, the dosage of PrematureX can be reduced, slowly.

Although dependent on the severity of the premature ejaculation problem, typically users who follow a recommended program will see permanent results after the discontinuation of usage.

In addition to being used as a long-term treatment regime, PrematureX can also be used to treat premature ejaculation in a short-term capacity.

Using PrematureX as a Quick Fix

For a man with less severe premature ejaculation concerns, it may be ideal to use PrematureX as a “quick fix.” To receive a boost in staying power, without engaging in a prolonged treatment program, simply take 1-2 doses of PrematureX 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity. Improve your stamina, the duration of sex and enjoy more control over your orgasm through use of PrematureX just before intercourse.


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Prematurex 1 Month Supply Delay premature Ejaculation Pills Premature X By Prematurex

Prematurex 1 Month Supply Delay premature Ejaculation Pills Premature X By Prematurex

1 Month Supply

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